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Valor United FC Juggling Club

In an attempt to encourage players to work on their technical ability on their own, we have created the Valor United FC Juggling Club! This is something that will challenge them to grow their soccer ability and they will have fun while doing it.


What is juggling?

Juggling is a skill that requires keeping the ball in the air for as long as possible while using legal soccer touches. When juggling, a player can use any part of their body, as long as they are not using their arms or hands to keep the ball in the air without it hitting the ground.


Why Juggling?

Juggling increases your touch as well as your coordination with the ball.  It is a fundamental way to get familiar with using various surfaces of the body to control the ball.  It will help you learn to control the ball rather than the ball controlling you. Soccer is a game predominantly played with the feet, so juggling the ball with your feet will help develop the technical part of your game!



1. The ball must start on the ground. (Ages 7 and below can start with ball in hand)

2. The soccer ball must be inflated and age appropriate.

3. You can juggle with any part of your body you can use on the field in soccer (no hands/arm obviously!)

4. You must use both feet while juggling. (Ball cannot be kept up with dominant foot the entire duration. Ages 7 and below are excluded from this rule)

5. Once the ball is in the air it cannot hit the ground or any other surface that will prevent it from hitting the ground.



There are a few ways you can get your scores verified. You can’t just say “I got 10,000 juggles”. Players can practice all they want at home, but scores must be verified by a coach at training or by video submission.



  1. Get to practicing!

  2. Grab a coach to watch or phone to record. 

  3. If you are having a coach validate they can do so before or after a training session preferably. (Hopefully this encourages players to arrive at training a few minutes early to beat their best score!)

  4. If you choose to record it, make sure it is one continuous shot with the participant always in view, no crafty editing to cheat!

  5. Once completed click here!



      5 - Newbie 

    10 - Beginner

    25 - Intermediate

    50 - Advanced

  100 - Professional

  250 - Premier

  500 - Elite

1000 - Master


The lower levels create encouragement and enthusiasm, while the higher numbers create challenging targets for those who are committed and competitive all while enabling the player to be as creative as possible.


Hall of Fame

The ten players with the highest scores of all time will go on our Hall of Fame portion of our website!  We will also have a place for top scores of each age group in both girls and boys divisions.


Coaches Challenge

Be on the lookout for Coaches Challenges, where the Valor United FC coaching staff challenges you to a new skill to add to your arsenal! Once you master it, record it and tag us on social media!

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